Battery Solutions for Renewable Energy

Renewable energy applications such as solar, wind and tidal do not always produce their energy at times of maximum requirement. Power Sonic’s high cycling performance batteries allow that energy to be stored at times of low demand and then released into the grid when demand is at its peak.

  • PS-OPzV Series

    PS-OPzV Series

    Tubular Gel

    With a capacity range from 213Ah to 3200Ah our tubular gel 2V VRLA batteries provide proven reliability, excellent cyclic performance and a 20 year service life. An ideal solution for renewable energy storage.

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  • DCG Series

    DCG Series

    Deep Cycle Gel

    The 12V deep cycle VRLA gel batteries are ideal for repeated cycling and offer reliable, flexible, maintenance free power. With longer discharge and less charging these gel batteries are perfectly suited for a variety of renewable energy applications.

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  • PS HD Series

    PS HD Series

    Heavy Duty SLA

    The PS HD series are heavy duty rechargeable lead acid batteries which have an increased vibration resistant design perfectly suited for all your pitch control, braking and renewable energy applications.

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  • PSL-BT Series

    PSL-BT Series

    Deep Cycle Lithium Bluetooth

    The lithium bluetooth series are deep cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries which have a superior cycle life and lower weight than standard SLA, ideal for battery storage, solar and wind applications.

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Power Sonic have a range of UPS solutions that provide high reliability, efficiency and protection for computers, data storage and telecommunications. Delivering uninterrupted power whenever needed.

DCG Series

DRM (demand response module)

Our demand response module (DRM) can be deployed as a micro-grid to combine renewable energy and energy storage to provide, clean, stable power. Our DRM can reduce utility costs and eliminate interruptions from power cuts and failures.

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Keeping you in charge with Reliable and Innovative battery solutions

Power Sonic has been developing, manufacturing and distributing battery solutions to the renewable energy industry for many years. As one of the world’s leading battery suppliers, we have extensive experience with providing solutions to a wide range of renewable energy applications from off-grid solar energy storage to wind turbine vane control and large scale renewable energy storage (RES).

Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, tidal and wave are intermittent and can vary greatly throughout the day, with the generated energy dependant on natural forces and not on actual energy demand, our batteries allow energy to be reliably stored at times of low demand and then released into the power grid when the demand peaks. In addition, renewable energy sources are often located away from grid connection. This is overcome by off-grid systems, these use batteries to store the energy and they can range from small off-grid systems up to large scale smart grids.

Large scale renewable energy systems are usually connected directly to the grid and will not need batteries to store energy, with that being said there are various other applications other than energy storage that will require a reliable battery including; vane control, UPS, spinning reserve in hybrids and pylon drives. We are continuously improving our portfolio of energy storage solutions and developing new battery technologies to meet the demanding technical and environmental needs for the renewable energy industry. Our wide range of battery solutions for solar panels, wind turbines and energy storage have been specifically engineered to provide a high cycling life and excellent reliability in even the harshest environments.

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Batteries for renewable energy

Power Sonic offer a complete range of batteries to provide reliable, long-lasting backup power for photovoltaic (PV) and renewable energy applications where deep cycles are required. With an extensive range of absorbent glass mat (AGM), gel, lithium and OPzV, 2V, 6V and 12V batteries, you can be sure we have the right battery solution to suit your specific renewable energy storage application. More and more companies are turning to renewable energy and the need to have these renewable energy resources optimized is critical for optimum performance. We are committed to the research and development of new battery technologies that will support renewable energy applications like solar and wind.

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Advanced Energy Storage Solutions

Power Sonic’s energy storage solutions can seamlessly integrate with multiple renewable energy generation sources such as solar and wind to shave peak energy usage, lower demand charges and generate additional revenue streams from grid demand response programs. The micro-grid capability combines renewable energy and energy storage to provide clean and resilient power. Our advanced solution can integrate with existing renewable energy systems to provide smarter and more efficient energy management.

Learn more about commercial energy storage solutions
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Battery solutions for demanding environments

Many of today’s renewable energy systems have to deal with extreme temperatures, remote locations, increased power demands and harsh operating environments. Power Sonic have developed a range of battery solutions that provide more power than traditional lead acid batteries, these include our 20 year life tubular gel PS-OPzV series and the Thin Plate Pure Lead PSPL series, both of which provide unrivalled performance even in the harshest and most demanding environments.

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Custom Battery Solutions

With decades of experience in providing energy storage solutions to the renewable energy industry, you can rely on Power Sonic’s energy storage expertise for the specific needs of your application. We offer a full line of batteries from 12V deep cycle gel and deep cycle AGM to LiFePO4 and tubular plate OPzV. If you cannot find the right battery for your requirements or would like to discuss your power requirements please our team of expert engineers who will work with you to find the best possible solution for your specific needs.

Energy Storage Solutions For Renewables

Looking for energy storage solutions for your solar, wind or hydro projects? Contact Power Sonic today.

Energy Storage Solutions

Speak to an expert

If you need help selecting the right battery or energy storage solution for your particular requirements feel free to contact us, we have a team of highly trained experts that will be more than happy to help.




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