PowerSteady - Reliable line interactive UPS solutions from 400va to 3000va

In sizes ranging from 400VA to 3000VA the PowerSteady single phase UPS delivers reliable and uninterruptible power protection and battery backup during outages.


  • Line-interactive technology
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) with boost and buck function
  • Microprocessor control
  • Compact space saving design
  • LCD display
  • Auto-restart
  • Smart RS232/USB communication Interfaces
  • RJ11/RJ45 protection
  • Cold start function
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The PowerSteady Series by Power Sonic delivers reliable and uninterruptible power protection and battery backup during power outages. With its compact, space saving design the single phase, line interactive UPS secures your data and your equipment by protecting against damaging power surges and spikes.

The PowerSteady comes equipped with smart RS232/USB communication interface enabling the UPS to communicate with multiple devices. This combined with a number of impressive features including auto-restart, charging in off mode, AVR with Buck and microprocessor control makes the PowerSteady UPS ideally suited for computer systems, home networking, gaming, home servers, and other home and office electronics.

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Line interactive UPS technology helps protect electrical devices against the most common power failures.

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Due to it's high efficiency, power consumption is low. Over the UPS lifecycle the savings in power compared to older systems makes it a great replacement UPS.

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Compact design with small footprint for maximum protection in minimal space.

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Utilizing intelligent battery management the UPS only charges the battery when needed ensuring maximum battery life.

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With plug and play installation the PowerSteady is operational within minutes.

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PowerSteady will ensure power protection and deliver several minutes runtime in case of mains failure.

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RJ11/RJ45 protection against spikes and surges for modem/LAN as standard.

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Interactive high resolution LCD display with graphic indicators ensures easy UPS system monitoring.

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