Proven battery solutions for transportation infrastructure

Power Sonic offers a complete portfolio of battery products and solutions to empower transportation infrastructure companies to meet the industry’s changing energy needs.

  • PS Series

    PS Series

    General Puropse SLA

    Designed with AGM (absorbent glass matt) technology the 2V, 4V, 6V and 12V VRLA batteries deliver excellent performance and unrivalled reliability in both float and light cyclic applications.

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  • PG Series

    PG Series

    Long Life SLA

    With a thick plate design and use of high purity lead, the PG series of 6V and 12V batteries provides a longer design life and superb high-rate discharge for those critical transport systems.

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  • DCG Series

    DCG Series

    Deep Cycle Gel

    Utilizing an innovative gel formation the deep cycle gel batteries deliver enhanced performance and a higher cycle life compared to AGM technology. Rugged design and purpose built for applications that require regular and consistent cycling.

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We have a proven range of switch mode battery chargers that meet international safety standards. All of our chargers have been built and configured with safety and compliance in mind.

DCG Series

PC Series

With proven, cutting-edge charging technology, Power Sonic are proud to offer the PC series of premium quality sealed lead acid battery chargers.

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DCG Series

A-C Series

The A-C series of sealed lead acid (VRLA) battery chargers are ‘switching’ type devices which operate without the use of transformers.

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Our field proven UPS solutions ensure your critical transport systems remain fully operational and protected in the event of power failures and surges.

DCG Series

DRM (demand response module)

Our demand response module (DRM) is an advanced energy storage solution that can operate independently of the grid to provide remote infrastructure sites with clean, stable and reliable power. Can also be configured to provide emergency backup power.

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At Power Sonic we understand the unique applications and power requirements of transportation infrastructure. From electric vehicle charging stations to traffic lights to rail crossing signals, as one of the world’s leading providers of battery solutions you can be sure we have the right battery solution, whatever the application. Transportation infrastructure, whether road, air or rail, is critical to the global economy and as a result requires 24/7 uninterrupted power. Our battery solutions are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to provide reliable power for mission critical applications.

Working with a range of customers across road, air and rail transport infrastructure for many years, we have developed our knowledge and expertise of the power requirements of this critical sector.

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Transport Signal Batteries

Power Sonic offers quality maintenance free standby batteries that are used for rail and traffic signals, communications and electrical mechanical controls where safety and reliability is essential. Cutting-edge manufacturing and process control combined with meticulous quality assurance procedures result in dependable battery technology that meets the technical and environmental requirements of transport signal applications.

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Telecom batteries

Telecommunications are essential in today’s transportation infrastructure. Power Sonic offers a comprehensive range of quality batteries for critical applications in the telecom industry with design features that include long life, excellent cyclic performance, high energy density and extreme vibration resistance. Our batteries are perfectly suited for a variety of on-grid and off-grid telecom applications.

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UPS Batteries

Uninterruptible power supply systems are essential for protecting the operation of critical transportation infrastructure during times of power outage. We understand that importance for dependable batteries as part of the UPS system. We offer an extensive range of long life and high-rate batteries that have been designed specifically to provide maximum performance in even the most demanding UPS systems.

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Solar Batteries

With the increased use of solar applications within the transportation sector such as solar powered traffic lights, solar street lighting and solar traffic signals, quality deep cycling batteries are more important than ever. Power Sonic have a range of environmental friendly batteries that have been engineered for high cycling performance in solar applications to provide a safe, reliable supply of energy.

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Complete Energy Storage Solutions

Our battery energy storage systems are fully integrated energy storage solutions for medium and high voltage grid connection. Innovative solutions that delivers clean, reliable power to a large range of customers. With a scalable design our unique energy storage can be configured to ensure the right amount of storage is deployed for your site or application. It can also operate independently from the power grid and can integrate with existing sites to provide the greatest economic value.

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EV Charging Solutions

Power Sonic have developed a number of electric vehicle charging solutions that utilize the latest in battery and energy storage technologies. Whether you are looking for battery modules for EV charging points or full containerized off-grid charging solutions, we have the solutions for you. Future proof your EV charging hubs with scalable and modular battery solutions.

Battery Storage For EV Charging

Discover more about EV charging battery storage solutions.

EV Charging Battery Solutions

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