Power Sonic Launches Two New Lithium Lines

Following Power Sonic’s successful launch of Lithium Bluetooth “SMART BATTERIES” in 2019 we are excited to announce the addition of two new complementary series to further strengthen our wide range of lithium batteries. Effective May 4, 2020, Power Sonic introduce (4) models of small high-rate lithium batteries (PSL-SH) and (16) models of series-connection capable lithium batteries (PSL-SC) in proven lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry.

While Power Sonic carries one of the broadest portfolios of Lead Acid batteries, we are very proud of the capability we offer in our impressive Lithium product line. Lead Acid batteries are not going away any time in the near future, however our product line focus is based on the recognized key benefits of lithium chemistry as compared to lead acid.

Introducing Two New Lithium Product Lines

PSL-SH Series

These new lithium high-rate batteries cover a range of 12 and 24 volts (up to two in series) and 6.2AH to 11.4AH (amp-hours). These batteries are compact in size, making them ideal for UPS and emergency lighting systems, or anywhere small lightweight back up batteries are required. This is a small but impressive product offering our customers the immediate power they need in critical applications, living up to Power Sonic promise of “Keeping You In Charge”.

PSL-SH Series - High Rate Lithium Battery
The PSL-SH series delivers quick charging and discharging for industrial applications

PSL-SC Series

The new lithium series-connection batteries cover a wide range of 12 to 72 volts (up to six in series), and an impressive capacity range from 7 to 1200 AH. The batteries in this line can be connected in as many as 6 batteries in series and up to 4 batteries in parallel (model dependent). These batteries fit into a wide array of applications and include 5 different “Drop-in Replacement” BCI group sizes, making them ideal for many applications including RV applications and other deep-cycle requirements.

The PSL-SC Series has 5 drop-in replacements for common BCI sizes:

  1. Group 24 (75AH)
  2. Group 27 (80AH, 100AH)
  3. Group 31 (100AH, 125AH)
  4. Group U1 (35AH)
  5. Group 8D (150AH, 200AH, 260AH, 300AH)
PSL-SC Series - Lithium Battery
The PSL-SC series are ideal for many large voltage or large capacity deep cycle applications

“We are proud to announce our two newest lines to our growing lithium portfolio. The inclusion of these two product families fills a gap in the lithium marketplace and offers many drop-in replacement solutions to the sealed lead acid market. With the added capability of multiple serial connections and batteries perfectly sized for small high-rate applications, we are happy to offer the market a well-rounded lithium product range,” said JD Johnson, Executive VP Business Development, at Power Sonic.

Battery safety and protection is highly important to Power Sonic in all our products and we are pleased to announce we have implemented highly sophisticated protection features in both of these product lines.

Inside the PSL-SH line lives a Protective Circuit Module (PCM). This PCM controls the parameters of the battery to provide optimum safety by protecting against over-charging and over-discharging of the battery. The PCM also contains a balance circuit, which optimizes the battery performance by keeping all the cells balanced. The balance circuit is important because when one cell becomes imbalanced, it will trip the protection setting of the entire battery.

The PSL-SC line’s smaller models (ranging from the 7 to 100 AH) feature an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) with multi-level protections that keep the battery safe from short circuits, and over-charge and over-discharge events. Like the PCM, the BMS also features a balance circuit. The difference between the PCM and BMS is the BMS has more protection levels than the PCM, however both offer the correct protection, protecting the battery from over-charge and over-discharge events. The larger batteries on the PSL-SC line (125AH to 300AH) feature a PCM that protects the batteries and keeps their cells in balance.

The addition of these two new product lines adds to Power Sonic’s comprehensive portfolio of both sealed lead acid and lithium batteries, giving you the option to pick the best battery and chemistry for your application under the reliability of Power Sonic’s brand. This further continues Power Sonic’s mission of Keeping You in Charge.

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