DRM - Innovative energy storage solution for smart energy management

Our DRM system has everything needed to connect to a building or utility network. It is incredibly easy to install, integrate and maintain.

Range Features

  • Ultra high efficiency
  • High performance in any climate
  • Modular, flexible and scalable
  • Smart energy management
  • Multi grid support functions
  • Innovative demand response software
  • Reliable, field proven technology
  • Compatible with different storage technologies
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A fully integrated, unique energy storage solution for medium and high voltage grid connection. A solution that delivers savings and clean, reliable power to a large range of customers.

The Power Sonic DRM system enables fast response times to variations in demand and supply, helping maintain grid stability and ensuring reliable, high-quality energy supply response through a range of applications.

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Delivers exceptional returns on investment by outperforming criteria set by grid operators.

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Field proven technology designed for long life and high performance in any climate.

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We can scale to the space, power and energy requirements of any customer. Infinite scalability in modules of 500KVA and 1MW.

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A fully integrated, unique energy storage solution that offers high efficiency of up to 99%.

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Provide backup power to your business in the event of a power interruption. With the DRM system you will have clean, reliable and uninterrupted power. A complete system that eliminates the new for multiple backup systems.

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You can use the DRM system to create a localized grid that doesn’t need to be connected to the main power grid and can operate independently.

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The DRM system can seamlessly integrate with renewable power generation sources such as wind and solar ensuring a smoother power output.

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The DRM system can provide power and energy capacity to the power grid as a stand-alone asset.

Designed by Experts

Power Sonic has been a leading force within the power solutions industry for nearly fifty years. The same amount of expertise, quality control and innovation has gone into developing the DRM system. The cutting edge software has been designed to specifically operate the technology to maximize efficiency and reliability.

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