Power Sonic Launches EVESCO Business Unit

Battery technology company Power Sonic Corporation announces the launch of a new business unit, EVESCO. This business unit will focus on battery energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

EV sales are set to increase sharply in the next few years, rising from 3.1 million in 2020 to 14 million in 2025. Despite these optimistic forecasts, more still needs to be done to remove the barriers to EV adoption, not just for passenger vehicles but also commercial fleets.

One of the most significant barriers to EV adoption is charging infrastructure. We know that charging infrastructure is expanding, but it is not doing so at the rate required to support the forecasted number of EVs. It also isn’t always deployed in the locations where EV charging is needed. Deploying the EV charging infrastructure needed comes with barriers of its own. 

EVESCO was developed within Power Sonic specifically to address the barriers to EV charging infrastructure deployment. Their solutions enable faster EV charging in the locations where it is needed in a cost-effective and sustainable way!

EVESCO combines proven battery and power conversion technology with intelligent energy management and the latest fast charging capabilities. This provides flexible EV charging solutions that deliver more power, reduce demand charges, optimize energy usage, and be deployed anywhere.

“By utilizing battery energy storage, EVESCO can ‘stretch’ the existing power on-site, delivering a higher power output than is available through the electric grid.” Says JD Johnson, President at EVESCO. “This enables the deployment of fast EV charging anywhere without the need for expensive grid infrastructure upgrades.”

Addressing the main barriers to deploying EV charging infrastructure, EVESCO will:

  1. Enable EV charging to be deployed anywhere regardless of electric grid limitations
  2. Reduce costly demand charges caused by deploying DC fast-charging
  3. Increase resilience by enabling EV chargers to be used during power outages

Learn more about Power Sonic’s EVESCO business unit.


Founded in 1970, Power Sonic Corporation is a global battery technology company dedicated to solving customers’ power challenges. EVESCO applies Power Sonic’s extensive experience in battery technology and power electronics to address the barriers to EV charging deployment through innovative energy storage solutions. EVESCO’s mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles by delivering sustainable fast-charging solutions, which can be deployed anywhere.

To contact a member of the EVESCO team please fil in our contact form.

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20ft containerized battery energy storage


Discover how EVESCO helps businesses implement scalable, sustainable electric vehicle charging solutions that free them from the constraints of the electric grid through innovative energy storage.

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