How Our Published CCA Ratings Are Determined

Power Sonic does not test CCA Ratings by using a hand held tester as do some of our competitors.

We only perform the standard testing procedure for CCA ratings, which consists of measuring the output of a battery for 30 seconds of crank at 0 degrees with the ending voltage of the battery being 7.2 volts. These test results are what we print in our application and specification guide, and publish on our website.

We have chosen this type of testing because we feel that we receive more accurate results. Although we feel this type of analysis to be more consistent and precise, the outcome in some cases (specifically for AGM Types), is a lower CCA Rating.

Please be assured that although in some cases our printed CCA Rating may be lower than what some of our competitors publish, this does not affect the overall performance of our batteries. Our in house QA Lab closely monitors all incoming inventory, and a percentage of all sealed product is tested before being released into our stock. It is Power Sonic’s goal to continually provide our customers with one of the highest quality Powersport Batteries available on the market today.

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