Being a commercial or industrial energy user often locks you into the pricing structure provided by the electricity operator. EVESCO's commercial battery storage solutions give you the ability to control when you use your electricity network's power or when you use your power reserves. This will dramatically reduce the costs you are paying for your energy consumption.

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In today's world businesses are faced with challenges when it comes to their electricity supply. Electricity costs continue to be volatile and demand on the energy network is increasing at a fast pace due to the electrification of transportation and heating. This added demand on the network can result in higher prices and even power failures during peak business times.

Whilst on-site generation from renewable sources such as solar and wind are the way forward for many businesses, in reality, they are only intermittent sources of energy as the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't only blow. With EVESCO's lead-acid and lithium battery storage solutions your business can shift demand from high to low-cost times of the day, reduce energy bills, store energy from renewable generation, create new revenue streams and enhance your energy security.

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Commercial and industrial energy users can pay a large amount of their electricity bill in demand charges. EVESCO's commercial battery storage can provide energy during peak usage times to lower your overall energy consumption from the energy network and as a result significantly reduce your demand charges. If you pay variable energy rates, our battery storage can shift consumption away from expensive periods and give you cost savings on your energy bills. The battery is charged during periods when network electricity is cheapest and discharged to deliver power during those more expensive time periods.

In the case of integrating with existing renewables, the energy captured by solar panel or wind turbines, for example, can be stored by the battery and can then be used during peak high tariff periods when energy from the network is most expensive. The battery works with the renewable energy source and the electricity network by storing cheaper energy which can then be distributed across the business when it is required. The savings made from installing commercial battery storage can be used to invest in growing your business.

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The flexibility and quick response times of EVESCO's battery storage can open up valuable revenue streams by supporting the energy network with 'balancing functions' through national and regional demand side response (DSR) schemes such as DFFR, FFR and capacity market. Different countries have different schemes available so please contact us directly to find out what revenue opportunities there are available in your country. Outside of these schemes, businesses can trade their energy on the wholesale market to further boost revenue. Like many commercial and industrial businesses you can also offset your earnings against your energy bills or add it to your revenue streams. There are a number of schemes available and here at EVESCO we are committed to finding you the best one's with the most advantage for your business, enabling you to trade and earn revenues as effectively and easily as possible.

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Reducing your energy consumption during peak times by using battery storage also helps your business reduce its overall carbon emissions from energy too. Battery storage systems do not produce any emissions whilst they are in operation so you will be happy in the knowledge that you, as a business, are doing your bit to help with global carbon reduction targets. By combining battery storage with renewable generation you can further reduce your carbon footprint and help increase the volume of renewable energy in the global energy mix. Furthermore you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by transitioning your business fleet vehicles to electric vehicles and implement energy storage for ultra-fast EV charging to become a true sustainable leader in your industry.

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EVESCO understands the complexities of battery storage technology and will actively work with you to introduce commercial models that enable you to improve your energy usage, save money and add extra revenue streams while helping you reduce your carbon footprint. With our customer-focused approach to business and our innovative solutions, we are helping businesses drive sustainable profitability and create increased value.

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