Single-Phase and Three-Phase Voltage by Country

Below is a complete guide to electricity voltage by country, including single-phase and three-phase voltage, frequency, and plug type. The below table shows the mains voltage by country, which in most incidents is between 220 and 240 volts (50 or 60 Hz) and three-phase between 380 and 415 volts; the table also shows what plug types are used in each country.

As you navigate the table you will notice that the majority of countries have a well-defined power voltage standard, however many African, Asian and South American countries have an array of voltages and plug types which can differ from region to region.

When selecting an electric vehicle charging station, you must ensure the correct version matches your country’s voltage and frequency. Level 2 EV charging stations are generally single-phase with some higher-power versions, like the 22kW EV charger, which is three-phase. DC fast charging stations utilize a three-phase voltage supply.

To quickly find a country from the below voltage table use the CTRL + F search function on your keyboard.

CountrySingle-Phase Voltage (Volts)Three-Phase Voltage (Volts)Frequency (Hertz)Number of wires (not including ground
Plug Type
Abu Dhabi (an Emirate within UAE)230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4G
Afghanistan220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F
Albania230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Algeria230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
American Samoa120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/F/I
Andorra230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Angola220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F
Anguilla110 V120/208 V /
127/220 V /
240/415 V
60 Hz3, 4A/B
Antigua and Barbuda230 V400 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Argentina220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/I
Armenia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Aruba120 V220 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/F/I
Australia230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4I
Austria230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Azerbaijan220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F
Azores230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4B/C/F
Bahamas120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Bahrain230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4G
Balearic Islands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Bangladesh220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4A/C/D/G/K
Barbados115 V200 V50 Hz3, 4A/B
Belarus220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F
Belgium230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E
Belize110 V / 220 V190 V / 380 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/G
Benin220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E
Bermuda120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Bhutan230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/G
Bolivia230 V400 V50 Hz4A/C
Bonaire127 V220 V50 Hz3, 4A/C
Bosnia & Herzegovina230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Botswana230 V400 V50 Hz4D/G
Brazil127 V / 220 V220 V / 380 V60 Hz3, 4C/N
British Virgin Islands110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Brunei240 V415 V50 Hz4G
Bulgaria230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Burkina Faso220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E
Burma (officially
230 V400 V50 Hz4A/C/D/G/I
Burundi220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E
Cambodia230 V400 V50 Hz4A/C/G
Cameroon220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E
Canada120 V120/208 V /
240 V / 480 V /
347/600 V
60 Hz3, 4A/B
Canary Islands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E/F
Cape Verde230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Cayman Islands120 V240 V60 Hz3A/B
Central African Republic220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E
Chad220 V380 V50 Hz4C/D/E/F
Channel Islands (Guernsey
& Jersey)
230 V415 V50 Hz4C/G
Chile220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/L
China, People’s Republic of220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4A/C/I
Colombia110 V220 V / 440 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Comoros220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E
Congo, Democratic
Republic of
220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/E
Congo, People’s Republic
230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E
Cook Islands240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4I
Costa Rica120 V240 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/E
Croatia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Cuba110 V / 220 V190 V60 Hz3A/B/C/L
Curaçao127 V220 V / 380 V50 Hz3, 4A/B
Cyprus230 V400 V50 Hz4G
Czech Republic230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E
Denmark230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E/F/K
Djibouti220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E
Dominica230 V400 V50 Hz4D/G
Dominican Republic120 V120/208 V /
277/480 V
60 Hz3, 4A/B
Dubai230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4G
East Timor (Timor- Leste)220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E/F/I
Ecuador120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Egypt220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
El Salvador120 V200 V60 Hz3A/B
England230 V415 V50 Hz4G
Equatorial Guinea220 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]C/E
Eritrea230 V400 V50 Hz4C/L
Estonia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Ethiopia220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F
Faeroe Islands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E/F/K
Falkland Islands240 V415 V50 Hz4G
Fiji240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4I
Finland230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
France230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E
French Guiana220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/E
Gabon (Gabonese
220 V380 V50 Hz4C
Gambia230 V400 V50 Hz4G
Gaza230 V400 V50 Hz4C/H
Georgia220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F
Germany230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Ghana230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4D/G
Gibraltar230 V400 V50 Hz4G
Great Britain (GB)230 V415 V50 Hz4G
Greece230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Greenland230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E/F/K
Grenada230 V400 V50 Hz4G
Guadeloupe230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E
Guam110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Guatemala120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Guinea220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/F/K
Guinea-Bissau220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C
Guyana120 V / 240 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/D/G
Haiti110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
The Netherlands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Honduras120 V208 V / 230 V /
240 V / 460 V /
480 V
60 Hz3, 4A/B
Hong Kong220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4G
Hungary230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Iceland230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
India230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/M
Indonesia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Iran230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Iraq230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/G
Ireland (Eire)230 V415 V50 Hz4G
Ireland, Northern230 V415 V50 Hz4G
Isle of Man230 V415 V50 Hz4C/G
Israel230 V400 V50 Hz4C/H
Italy230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F/L
Jamaica110 V190 V50 Hz3, 4A/B
Japan100 V200 V50 / 60 Hz3A/B
Jordan230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/F/G/J
Kazakhstan220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Kenya240 V415 V50 Hz4G
Kiribati240 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]I
Korea, North220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C
Korea, South220 V380 V60 Hz4C/F
Kosovo230 V230 V / 400 V50 Hz3C/F
Kuwait240 V415 V50 Hz4G
Kyrgyzstan220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Laos230 V400 V50 Hz4A/B/C/E/F
Latvia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Lebanon230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/G
Lesotho220 V380 V50 Hz4M
Liberia120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Libya230 V400 V50 Hz4C/L
Liechtenstein230 V400 V50 Hz4C/J
Lithuania230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Luxembourg230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Macau220 V380 V50 Hz3G
Macedonia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Madagascar220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/E
Madeira230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Malawi230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4G
Malaysia240 V415 V50 Hz4G
Maldives230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/G/J/K/L
Mali220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/E
Malta230 V400 V50 Hz4G
Marshall Islands120 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]A/B
Martinique220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/E
Mauritania220 V220 V50 Hz3, 4C
Mauritius230 V400 V50 Hz4C/G
Mayotte230 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]C/E
Mexico127 V220 V / 480 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Micronesia, Federated
States of
120 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]A/B
Moldova230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Monaco230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E/F
Mongolia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E
Montenegro230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Montserrat230 V400 V60 Hz4A/B
Morocco220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E
Mozambique220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F/M
Myanmar (formerly
230 V400 V50 Hz4A/C/D/G/I
Namibia220 V380 V50 Hz4D/M
Nauru240 V415 V50 Hz4I
Nepal230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/M
Netherlands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
New Caledonia220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
New Zealand230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4I
Nicaragua120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Niger220 V380 V50 Hz4C/D/E/F
Nigeria230 V415 V50 Hz4D/G
Northern Ireland230 V415 V50 Hz4G
North Korea220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C
Norway230 V230 V / 400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Oman240 V415 V50 Hz4G
Pakistan230 V400 V50 Hz3C/D
Palau120 V208 V60 Hz3A/B
Panama120 V240 V60 Hz3A/B
Papua New Guinea240 V415 V50 Hz4I
Paraguay220 V380 V50 Hz4C
Peru220 V220 V60 Hz3A/C
Philippines220 V380 V60 Hz3A/B/C
Pitcairn Islands230 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]I
Poland230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E
Portugal230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Puerto Rico120 V480 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Qatar240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4G
Réunion230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E
Romania230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
Russia (officially the
Russian Federation)
220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F
Rwanda230 V400 V50 Hz4C/J
Saba110 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]A/B
Saint Barthélemy
(informally also referred to as Saint Barth’s or Saint Barts)
230 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]C/E
Saint Kitts and Nevis (officially the Federation of Saint Christopher and
230 V400 V60 Hz4D/G
Saint Lucia230 V400 V50 Hz4G
Saint Martin220 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]C/E
Saint Helena230 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]G
Sint Eustatius110 V / 220 V220 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/C/F
Sint Maarten110 V220 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Saint Vincent and the
110 V / 230 V400 V50 Hz4A/B/G
Samoa230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4I
San Marino230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F/L
São Tomé and Príncipe230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Saudi Arabia230 V400 V60 Hz4G
Scotland230 V415 V50 Hz4G
Senegal230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/E/K
Serbia230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Seychelles240 V240 V50 Hz3G
Sierra Leone230 V400 V50 Hz4D/G
Singapore230 V400 V50 Hz4G
Slovakia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E
Slovenia230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Solomon Islands230 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]G/I
Somalia220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C
Somaliland220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C
South Africa230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/M/N
South Korea220 V380 V60 Hz4C/F
South Sudan230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D
Spain230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Sri Lanka230 V400 V50 Hz4D/G
Sudan230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D
Suriname127 V / 230 V220 V / 400 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/C/F
Swaziland230 V400 V50 Hz4M
Sweden230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Switzerland230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/J
Syria220 V380 V50 Hz3C/E/L
Tahiti220 V380 V50 / 60 Hz3, 4C/E
Taiwan110 V220 V60 Hz4A/B
Tajikistan220 V380 V50 Hz3C/F
Tanzania230 V415 V50 Hz3, 4D/G
Thailand230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4A/B/C/O
Togo220 V380 V50 Hz4C
Tonga240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4I
Trinidad & Tobago115 V115/230 V /
230/400 V
60 Hz4A/B
Tunisia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E
Turkey230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F
Turkmenistan220 V380 V50 Hz3C/F
Turks and Caicos Islands120 V240 V60 Hz4A/B
Uganda240 V415 V50 Hz4G
Ukraine230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F
United Arab Emirates
230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4G
United Kingdom (UK)230 V415 V50 Hz4G
United States of America (USA)120 V120/208 V /
277/480 V /
120/240 V /
240 V / 480 V
60 Hz3, 4A/B
United States Virgin
110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Uruguay220 V380 V50 Hz3C/F/L
Uzbekistan220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F
Vanuatu230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4I
Venezuela120 V120 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Vietnam220 V380 V50 Hz4A/C/D
Virgin Islands (British)110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
irgin Islands (USA)110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/B
Wales230 V415 V50 Hz4G
Yemen230 V400 V50 Hz4A/D/G
Zambia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/G
Zimbabwe240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4D/G
World voltages and plugs by country

If you need help selecting an electric vehicle charging station suitable for your country, please get in touch, and one of our experts will be happy to help.

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