PowerLevel - True 3 Phase UPS System 10kVA - 1000kVA

With innovative 3 level technology, the PowerLevel, is a true online double conversion, 3 phase UPS solution that delivers one of the highest energy efficiency levels in the market.


  • True three level rectifier and inverter technology
  • Ultra-high energy efficiency
  • 10kVA - 1000kVA
  • Output power factor of 1 (kVA=kW)
  • High Input Power Factor (>0.99)
  • Intelligent Battery Management
  • Manufactured in Europe with high quality components
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With a three-level inverter and rectifier design, the PowerLevel 3 phase UPS (uninterruptible power supply) has the latest power conversion technology and delivers efficiency up to 96% at 50-75% load operation, which is currently the most common operating range. This results in reduced energy loss, reduced electricity usage and a reduction in UPS operating costs.

Real full power kVA=kW (unity power factor design) means 25% more active power available compared to conventional UPS.

The PowerLevel 3 phase UPS is the ideal solution for anyone looking for high efficiency combined with significant lower total cost of ownership. Applications and industries include data centers, telecommunications, medical, infrastructure and more.

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Less energy consumption to supply the loads thanks to high efficiency up to 96%.

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Output power factor of 1 (kVA=Kw) delivers 25% more active power.

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Intelligent battery management reduces the chance of the batteries being used and helps sustain battery life and performance.

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Parallel configuration up to 8 units per redundancy (N+1) and power increase.

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500 real time event logs with detailed parameters

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Various sizes of 10 - 40kVA cabinets for larger capacity of internal batteries when long runtimes are required.

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Compact design for small footprint and easy maintenance.

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High energy efficiency reduces energy loss, electricity usage and operating costs of the UPS.

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