PowerLevel T3 - Transformer Based UPS System 10kVA - 200kVA

With innovative 3 level technology and an embedded isolation transformer, the PowerLevel T3 is one of the most reliable and safe transformer based UPS systems for data security and other critical power applications.


  • True three level rectifier and inverter technology
  • Ultra-high energy efficiency
  • 10kVA - 200kVA
  • Output power factor of 1 (kVA=kW)
  • Built in inverter transformer for DC-AC galvanic protection
  • DSP vector control at input and output
  • Manufactured in Europe with high quality components
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PowerLevel T3 Series is a true VFI online double conversion, three-phase transformer based UPS system with Innovative 3 Level Technology and is designed to provide high level of energy efficiency, together with reliable and robust protection, for the most demanding industrial and medical environments.

Real full power kVA=kW (unity power factor design) means 25% more active power available compared to more conventional UPS systems.

The PowerLevel T3 UPS has been designed with an integrated transformer ensuring galvanic isolation on the output for ultimate safe isolation. It’s easy to install and maintain and can be integrated in to even the harshest of environments making it ideal for critical loads.

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Less energy consumption to supply the loads thanks to high efficiency up to 96%.

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Output power factor of 1 (kVA=kW) delivers 25% more active power.

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Advance battery management system that monitors and reacts to multiple parameters to maximize battery life.

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Parallel configuration up to 8 units per redundancy (N+1) and power increase.

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Optional IP31, IP41 protection degree for harsh environments.

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External battery cabinets for different sizes of batteries to provide extended runtimes.

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Compact footprint and matching battery cabinets.

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High energy efficiency reduces energy loss, electricity usage and operating costs of the UPS.

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