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  • Can your batteries be exported to Europe
    Our SLA batteries (PS, PSH, PSG and PG series) are fully compliant with the EU directive 2006/66/EC and R.E.A.C.H. and can be exported to all countries in the European Economic Community (EEC) without additional labeling. Our NiCd batteries are not in compliance with EU regulations and we would advise against exporting these batteries. Our wholly owned subsidiary ,Power-Sonic Europe (PSE), located in the UK does supply EU compliant NiCd batteries.

    The PSE website address is: For additional information about EEC regulations please refer to the Literature - EU Requirements section of our website.
  • I need a replacement for a Power-Sonic battery, but I am not in the U.S.A. Does the replacement have to come from the U.S?
    Power-Sonic has a world wide network of distributors and chances are that there will be at least one distributor in your country. Please go to the Contact Us section of our website and scroll down the list of our overseas distributors. Please note that all European sales are handled through our wholly owned subsidiary Power-Sonic Europe.

    Contact details are as follows: Power-Sonic Europe Ltd., 3 Buckingham Square, Hurricane Way, Wickford, Essex SS11 8YQ England Phone: (1268) 560686 Fax: (1268) 560902 Sales: Website: